Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I feel like I apologize every time I blog due to inconsistency. Once I get blogging, I want to publish around ten posts all at once, but then I wait a few days and I just can't get back up to sitting down and writing or even posting a few pictures. So....sorry 'bout that. School is almost to an end (May 28th!) and we have crazy choir schedules for this week and part of next. They love to cram everything they possibly can into May, if you would believe it. Before I try to get back into some regular posting, here are some pictures that should've been posted but never were.

Meet Keeko

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Those eyes....

The Climb

I feel like every blogger has that "I'm Back" post. I never had, but I need once because it has been, oh my, two and a half months? Well we all know this won't the last post like this. Anyways, I realized that close to no one has seen the mountain pics fro Redcloud because all the pictures were from a pregnant lady's camera,who surprisingly didn't go on the hike. Ha. When climbing the Handy's (A 14-er as they would say aka 14,000 feet elevation) only about half or less of the group got to peak it because a storm rolled in. I didn't get to, but there are still some beautiful pictures.

Back of the line... *huff puff*

Snow in June

Hey look a marmot! Our counselors were actually trying to call to it, and got very close to succeeding!