Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Already?

I know I haven't had much 'words' lately, and this post is long overdue. We got out of school on May 24th and have been kicking in relaxation ever since. It feels really nice to be able to sleep into 11:30 ish each day! I know that some of you are thinking oh my goodness how can she do that?!?! There are things to be done you say? Staying up super late each night helps. I think that everyone just needs a good two weeks to just settle down from a long year. We don't have too much planned this summer: visit family, go to camp in Colorado (over my birthday! :)), work on a church project, VBS, and at the end of summer have voice lessons to try out for Opus, an all state choir. Soo excited for everything to come this summer! Just letting everybody know what's going on with me this summer ;)

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