Sunday, July 8, 2012

Camp Redcloud: The People

Pretty much all 'o yall (my Squeakers slang) know that I went to Lake City, CO, to go to Camp Redcloud. Soo since pretty much anyone who would read this blog has either seen all of my pictures, went with me to RC, or has seen the slideshow at church. So why see all the pictures again from a different angle? Honestly I really just don't feel like having this big 'ol post about stuff everyone has heard. I do have one piece of advice for the Sr. Highers who go this week. Exercise. Long and hard. I did the treadmill for a forty minute program thing like four times a week and I still was huffing and puffing by the time I would get to  the cabin. Let alone the what felt like eight hour hike. up a 14er. So exercise long, hard, and often. But other than that you'll have an absolute ball! Another highlight for me was my friend and I (Janie) renamed everyone we hung out with at camp. When I say renamed, I mean what we would call them if their name wasn't Janie or whatever. Hence the name : Camp Redcloud: The People. Let the pictures begin!
Zach (our Youth Pastor ) AKA- Bear
Rob (Youth Leader) AKA- (Our name for him) Benny or Benjamin. He insisted we call him Rob. Not going to happen Rob. So we compromised with Trebor and Bor.
Janie/Amelia (Friend ) Faith-Dawn . Not just Faith. Not just Dawn. Faith-Dawn.

First of all, I loove this picture. It would be absolutely perfect if it wasn't for the piece of hair in Faith-Dawn's face. Now, get rid of Faith-Dawn in your brain for a second. Rachel (Youth Pastor's wife, soon to be momma, girlfriend, and leader wrapped up in one. I know, pretty esteemed. Her name was Ray- Ray. Or maybe it was Heather... : / )
Eric (Pac-Man. At camp, the counselors give each other nicknames. He got his by climbing a tree with his teeth. Wow. Those were my sunglasses if you were wondering. Counselor and friend. AKA Drew )
Love this picture of Tina- she wasn't even posing. ( High school Senior Leader). (She would've went on the Sr. High trip but she was busy when that takes place. So she was a leader with us. Really fun and awesome person to be like a big sister.:) AKA Kellephanie. We couldn't deide between Kelli or Stephanie. Kellephanie. 
Joel - (Friend ) AKA Cheese.( He has had that nickname far longer than the RC trip. Nothing came to us. At All. )
This is the only picture I have of him, but the highschool aged guy in the black beanie and khakis is Pine Sol (Dominic, for miss K), a counselor. He got his name because he smack dab into a tree while mountain biking. AKA- Eli.) This is
 unrelated but this picture was taken at my birthday dance party. :)

 I forgot about me. Sammie (Me) AKA -Maddie. I don't see it but i guess I look like a Maddie?It must be those glasses. : )

Okay so here are all the nicknamed people I have pictures of.If you think you have better names for the people I have listed, leave it below in the comments. I will try this week to get the hike pictures up here because they weren't on the slideshow at church. :) I might just get this over in chunks.'Til the next chunk...

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  1. Grace thinks you look like a Rachel or Megan...??? Kellephanie and Dominic - IT'S FATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!