Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Unusual Day

Today was not the average day at school for me. We have time at the very beginning of the day to go to AP. (Advisory Period) On my way to my locker, I see a girl running after something. It's a dog. A junior-sized black lab.  No collar. No leash. Just running throughout the halls. Of course this draws a crowd. I get through the crowd and into my locker and feel a thumping against my leg. It's the dog. Surprisingly, no one freaks out.Everyone just wants to watch it.Wants to see it. Wants to know what everyone is talking about and prove it for themselves. I hear: should we go get a teacher or something? The French teacher comes out and is trying to get into the crowd, to see what's going on. With that, I left, on my way to AP. (being the time stickler I am)Later in first period(orchestra), I hear the same story. With added information. Apparently the dog had been completely ran over by a car, as in the wheels went over it and smashed it. Yet I hadn't seen a scratch on him. Multiple people had told me this. I suppose this is true. What do you think? (comments intended)

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  1. idk... weird. did it have a limp at all? and... im sure everybody's interested - did the ever get it out of there?!?!?!