Thursday, September 15, 2011

Year of the Dog

Actually, I have no idea if it is the year of the dog. (in the Chinese Calender) But for our family, it really feels like it. First, we get a new dog. Now, almost once a month, (or more) we have stray or lost dogs running around our backyard/neighborhood. Granted we have a very dog-full neighbor hood, but these dogs often don't look familiar. A year ago this would've been absolutely rare, but now it's just kind of usual for us. Of course, we still go outside to see if we can help it in anyway, but we've only been able to 'capture' one and return it to his owners. Today, we see one. Well, hear our dogs barking first outside and go check up on them. It's unfamiliar. You could tell that either he was too strong for his walker, or he had been tied up with his leash,due to the long blue leash dragging behind. Ruby and Daisy have scared the poor 'lil baby away. We see it a few backyards away, but there's nothing we can do. I have a heart for these kind of things. I would be gang for going after  and looking for it. I just couldn't imagine having my dogs lost  in a foreign neighborhood! Now, let's all pretend I am amazing at ending this post. ;) ( I have always had a problem with endings)

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