Saturday, November 26, 2011

Icky Sick Days Cont'd

A continuation of my self centeredness, but I didn't want to leave you hanging there with a few random pieces of information. OK so where did i leave off? Thursday? Thursday: Missed the H.P. practice and stayed home from  the one on Friday as well. My director was really nice about me missing the practices, and hoped I was feeling better.I still had a slight fever on Saturday, I was constantly having coughing fits and could not: dear me: if you heard me sing on Saturday. I was laughing at myself it was so bad, and sadly, I can't do that very often.So I stayed home from the all day practice on Saturday and viewed the concert from the extra tickets we had since my other set of grandparents couldn't come, my grandpa was sick. The show was spectacular. Olympic figure skater Todd Eldridge performed with our local skating group ( which had one of my friends in it.. Kinda cool to see your friend jumping and twirling in the air). Actor John Goetz ( pronounced Gets) read THe Night Before Christmas aloud. Some really good Grammy nominated trumpet player performed with our local Symphony Orchestra. I really didn't mind watching and not performing. I really didn't. It was kind of fun to see what we sounded like and things like that. Saturday I had developed a nasty sounding congestion cough. It didn't hurt though. I stayed home from church in the morning, but went back to the later praise service. That night I really feel like I had kicked it. Guess not. On Monday still, I had a fever, sop no school on Tuesday either, thanks to a new school policy. I had a concert for school choir on Tuesday , but hopefully I don't have to make up the whopping 250 points. My fever went back up on Tuesday night to 102.something. We went into the doctors' early Wednesday morning (we only had a two day week of school for Thanksgiving Break) and I had something called Sinus Bronchitis.  It is just a more congested Bronchitis. Anitbiotics and cough medicine. I pleaded the doctor for the cough medicine to be in  pills. I cannot STAND cough medicine. That medicine is worse than the sickness. Anyways, I am feeling better and am on the mend, but still working on that nasty sounding cough. I  just realized I could have summed that up in  two sentences.

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