Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Icky Sick Days

I was  very impressed with myself for the first quarter of school: No absences. I'm usually sick three or four days a quarter. The past week I've been feeling like this: Some days you're just not feeling quite right, and you just say to yourself: I'm gonna be sick tomorrow! I happened to tell my dad this on Monday night. Hmmm... : ). SO i woke up on Tuesday morning with a fever of 102.8 degrees. So I don't go to school. Today i was fine until about 4th period and i just felt like i as going to vomit, my throat was scratchy, it hurt to breathe a little. The whole deal. So I don't eat anything, and don't talk, afraid of throwing up. Today was a day 2, so I have gym. This was my main worry for today. Our gym teacher had a new rule- if everyone in class dressed our for 5 days in a row, we could take a break for a period and vote on what game we wanted to play. Of course, the games I hate were in the top 2. (dodge ball and kick ball) Normally I would be mildly OK with this (about 40% OK; less than half. Just to give you a numerical view. My brain usually thinks in numbers. ) , but this is a game with lots of running, which feeling you're about to throw up running isn't the best solution. So, my gym teacher can tell I'm not feeling OK so he sends me to the Nurse. We have a substitute nurse, my lucky day. ( just kidding, i love the nurse, so friendly) This nurse shouldn't be a nurse.  She acted like she was just vomited on. She kept saying," You shouldn't be here today" According to a new school policy that nobody's heard of, you can't go back to school unless you have been symptom free for at least 24 hrs. So no school tomorrow either. Poor wittle me! I am in the Holiday Pop's children choir, and we have practices this Thursday, Friday, and about the whole day Saturday, the day of our concert. (November 22nd, 7:00 pm I wireless center in Moline. :)) Hopefully I'm feeling better by the practices, and the concert! I totally just realized how self centered this post is. Oh well, something for me to write and you to read!

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