Monday, February 13, 2012

Fotog Fruit Wars: Apple

My sister and I decided to have a little competition today. This wasn't the average see who can get to the oak tree the fastest, no. This was a photography and creativity challenge. My 'n' key is sticking . Grr. Anyways, our medium, our muse, was an apple. We had twenty minutes. Three pictures to compete with. Here's where you come in. Vote! I would love everyone's vote i the comments, and don't worry, I will not get upset if I lose. Vote! Ok, here they are.

Sammie's Pictures:

This picture should have bee take vertically. "The Beauty Within"

"School Days"

"Livin' The Rich Life"
Rachel's Pictures:

 No name for Rach's Pictures. Vote in the comments please!


  1. Of course, all the pics were really great! My favorite is "School Days"...the exposure is really good, and I like how the chair in the background is out of focus....very cool. You girls are good!

  2. Oh my goodness! You guys are AMAZING!!! My favorite has to be either "School Days" (like mother, like daughter) or Rachel's first and second ones: the ones on the lamp post and bookcase. Great job, guys!