Monday, January 30, 2012


I just got home from the salon(I love my salon so much I wish I could go every week!). My hair is softer. Smoother. Shorter. I got three inches taken off. Knowing that a haircut is coming up, over the past week I have contemplating: Bangs? I have a very high forehead/hairline, which is mostly a curse, and it's really been taking it's toll on me.Those who knew me growing up, you knew I had bangs from about Kindergarten to third grade.The front, straight kind. and I let my mom cut them. My mom. Never will I make that mistake again. Anyways, Once I got to the salon and mentioned bangs, Peggy (My stylist) didn't think straight forward bangs would look good. So after straightening my hair, which I love but never have time to do, (and I'm kind of afraid of hair irons. that is another story though) then worked on my regular hair. My hair is very fine, and thin at the top. Peggy said that my hair will thin fast when I get older. So three inches off my regular hair! And at the top, side-ish bangs. This wold help relieve the stress at my hairline a little. I would've posted pictures, but I didn't think of a before picture. Needless to say, I love my new hair!

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