Friday, August 5, 2011

Candles 4 A Cure

Many of you may not know that my cousin died of cancer in December of 2006. He was about to be nine years old as of January. I was probably seven or eight. This Christmas, I got a candle making machine from my Grandma. How this may relate you ask?? I'll get to that. During this Summer, I have kind of been on a candle -making craze. I've probably gone through ten pounds of wax. Other than gifts (the sole purpose they're intended for), I still have lots of candles around... My mom recently told me  that there is a shop in the Quad cities that gives most of  its profits to help cancer research. She came up with the idea that I should donate some candles on behalf of Jake. We told my aunt this and she thought this was a great idea.My mother told her that we were trying to come up with a label name  and she said, "Well I'm not feeling very creative right now so...". A minute later "I got it! How about "Lighting the Way to a Cure"? Not feeling very creative right now, hmm? I think this is a great name! How about you? If you're thinking it's lame, tell me a better name in the comments! I'm wanting to involve YOU, yes YOU, in this as well. YOU can be a part of this!

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