Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Day At the Museum

This past week we were in Missouri visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousin. they are right by Kansas City which is one of the locations of American Idol Live! so we went to that concert. (post on that later) I am being shown how to put pictures on so I have many pictureful posts to come!We went to a museum of things five men found in an old ship that was buried in a cornfield.. this was very interesting and they still have tons of stuff to be cleaned and put in the museum!

This sign says Castor Oil.
This sign says Original Medicines- Unknown Content

These are the buttons. The five guys who dug this boat up found over 3.5 million beads, which took them over EIGHT years to clean, just the beads!

 Her words,"This must be telling me not to have another one.."

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