Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My View On: Cowboys & Aliens

Again, movie marathon in Missouri for vacation. I really hated this movie. I really did. I was outvoted. I am one that can barely stand a Rogue Sharks episode on The Discovery Channel. I am  not going to explain the plot.(because 1. it was a little confusing in some parts.2. it was weird ). But I am going to give you the basics. It's about a cowboy that doesn't remember who he is , or all that. He has a huge metal bracelet that also, he doesn't know about. He slowly get random flashbacks and memories of a woman. He goes to the nearest town and they eventually get attacked by aliens. Blah.Blah.Blah. My dad is going to explain the rest of the plot 'cuz i don't wanna. His words will be in a different font. Here he is: OK.  As a guest blogger I will be short and to the point.  Aliens come to earth during the late 1800's.  They want gold too, for some reason (not explained in the movie why). They have done this to another planet...which you will find out by watching the movie.  Indians join in the fight too.  Aliens start to capture people, and that's when the fight begins.  The plot is interesting, but the movie moves a bit slow for either a good western, or a good SciFi flick.  I don't think the "aliens" were new either... coming from another movie.  That's about it.  Scale of 1 to 5 stars.... 3.
I really didn't like this movie because it was pretty bloody, weather it was Alien guts  or human blood.I don't  recommend this movie.. For me, I wouldn't see it "til I was older than thirteen..

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