Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make-Up Work

If you remember my posts from awhile back, like in November, i talked about how I missed like a week of school and on and on. Did I ever talk about make-up work? If I did, bear with me.When  you are gone for a day, you miss quite alot of work! I have a district concert event rehearsal/ concert thing tomorrow, so of course I won't be there. Here's my list
Orchestra- Make up for 10 points, practice 1extra hour this week.
 Spanish- Missed test. Come in early for it. that's kind of a relief because I wouldn't be ready for the test.
Science- My science teacher is always really nice and good about missing days . She sent me home with a game and activity worksheet. Don't be fooled by terms game and activity.
Honors English- Pretty much nothing
Gym- This is what I absolutely hate with a passion about gym. Intramurals. This is the only spoken way to make up points. you get ten points a day for dressing out and being in gym. Each Intramural is worth 5 points. 20 minutes of torture. Well that is a strong word. Torture. So I'll have to come in early for that 3 more times.

Math- I have no clue. We had a sub today so I couldn't tell my teacher I wasn't going to be there tomorrow.So I will have to get my homework on Monday, then come in early at least twice for that.
Social Studies- Pretty much nothing. Thank goodness for Mrs.G.
I know you probably don't care about any of this, but, just read my motto at the top of my blog by my profile. Just a way to vent,(blogging about it) which I have found, works great!

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