Sunday, January 1, 2012

My view on: We Bought A Zoo

I actually saw The Adventures of Tintin today, so stay tuned, but I saw this a few days ago so I will get this one out of the way now. I loved this movie. Me and my mom both did. My dad and sister went to go see Sherlock Holmes 2. (yuck) This movie is the story of a man, Benjamin Mee who lost his wife a few years ago and decides to move with his two kids, ages 7 and 14. Eating a cake pop while I'm typing :) He and his daughter Rosie, 7, are house hunting and find the perfect house. It comes with a zoo. SO he figures, why not? This movie tells the story of a father who struggles to connect with his son, and let go. Not to mention the cutest little redheaded girl they could ever find, Maggie Elizabeth Jones. The best part is it's a true story. The Rosemoor Wildlife park adventure is still running, with Benjamin Mee and his two kids still living there.Next year they plan to add giraffes. :)

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