Thursday, July 7, 2011

The "Cloud"

Ok, so this post probably not about what you think it will includes no computers whatsoever. I had a birthday party last night at the Stoney Creek Inn last night with a couple friends. The theme of the Inn is like a Northern woodsy feel. They have a really cool pool that is connected to the outside pool by some flaps in the wall. It was really fun with all of my crazy friends. Their must have been something funny in the food (gulp!!) because two girls went home sick and feeling queasy...So then their were two. We probably stayed up 'til one. My poor mother!!! Anyways, getting to the "cloud". It seems like today(after the party) the two of us were just in a "cloud". I seriously feel like I can't wrap my head around to thinking about anything!!! Another sign of the "cloud": Going to the grocery store and forgetting one of the main things you came for!! Also, opening the door of your car and breaking a coffee cup. Nice going, Mom.

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