Friday, July 22, 2011


Well, ya she's home. I've just been reaallly lazy lately. I think it's the heat. Maybe it gets to your brain. She brought home Swiss chocolate, which is good, but tastes a little odd. Many people ask me now that she is back," I bet you missed your sister" and we both kinda grin at each other. We both know it was a mini vacation away from each other... hahaha. I finished my tote bag yesterday for JoAnn Fabrics sewing classes. its is really nice because the teacher walks you through everything, even if you are a beginner like me. A very beginner like me. But hey,  it  turned out pretty cute! I still need to add the magnetic snaps to the tabs and add cherry roses to the front, but it felt good to get it done. I apologize for my grammar if anythings not right. It is late.

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  1. Sammie, I love your blog!! So fun! Oh, and we have been burning your candles and enjoying them very much! Love, Mrs. A