Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Wrong Reaction

Today we had some youth group kids over for a *delicious* meal. They have been doing an ongoing local missions trip in the Quad Cities and had been packaging rice for malnourished countries. Our youth pastor wanted strictly a kind of meal like they would be sending to those countries, but since they don't have it at grocery stores, we had to recreate it. 1. get the packaged bags of ready to make rice and cook it.2. get some paper cups, plates , napkins, etc. 3. get some crystal light iced tea and slightly pour some in to water. 4. since the package if rice we got didn't actually come with carrots like it looked like on the front, we added some carrots and  chopped them up. 5. cook the rice. 6. prepare our fancy meal. Our youth pastor wanted us to have an extremely huge, fancy meal right in front of them. So the kids ate their rice on some blankets on the grass while we ate on the deck (pork chops and baked potatoes) in the gazebo. I totally expected some kids to go "Oh, this is the worst thing I've ever tasted!" but either the rice was really good or they didn't want to hurt our feelings, 'cuz no one complained! No one was even jealous of my pork steak!! It was so frustrating! As bad as it is, I was so looking forward to rubbing it in their faces! ;3 (that is a face w/ a mustache!!)

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