Thursday, July 14, 2011


One of the many problems we have with our loved puppy Ruby is that she is a chewer. Almost everything: Shoes, Squeakers out of her toys, Trimming edges, Wooden blinds, everything! On our trip to Petco today to get some stuff, we decided to get some anti-chewing/licking/biting spray called Fooey! It's organic and made of the peels of grapefruits and an herb commonly called "the king of bitters". Oh goodness! Well I went around spraying some of the things she commonly chews that she's not supposed to, when on the blinds, I got a tiny bit on my index finger. This was the exact thing not to do with this stuff, get it on your fingers. Apparently it tastes pretty awful. ;) So, before washing it off, (I regret doing this. I don't even know why my mind said to do it) I put my finger in my mouth. Guess what happened. That stuff is EXTREMELY awful!! I just get shivers thinking about it! There was only one thing to do : Wash it down with some Super Mario Bros. Fruit Chews!

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