Saturday, December 31, 2011

Operation: Cake Pops

I got a Babycakes cake pop maker for Christmas.. I was debating weather to keep this or not, because I had rather wanted a donut version.That just popped up red for spell-check. Is that not how you spell donut? Anyway, we decided to give it a try last night.
Cake pops are traditionally make by crumbling cake and mixing in frosting, dipped in candy melts or almond bark . They have been all the rage- trendy and are  cute and creative. Google them. So cute! The kit that I received came with recipes, so we went with vanilla. After a trip to Michael's for foam blocks, candy melts, and New Year's sprinkles, we were ready to go.
We piped (put the batter into a decorating bag) the batter in the pop maker because if we had used a spoon, it would have been an absolute mess. We cook the pops for 6 minutes, then pull them out with an included prong tool. Let me just say that I think the recipe batter was the best batter I've ever had!

The first batch.
"Say blog post!"
The dipping/decorating station
Dip the Lollipop stick in the melted candy melts. (We melted ours in a miniature Crock-Pot) Stick the lollipop stick in the pop and dip the pop in the candy melt. make sure that you get most of the drip off, but naturally , that is hard to do.
Drippings- I thought they were rather unique.
The finished project. Don't worry , this isn't all, some are in the fridge.

Can I have some too?


  1. ooooohhh! save some for me!!!

  2. what's the the picture of 3rd from the bottom?

  3. When we would sprinkle the pops, excess candy melts would drip off. Most likely one we had already sprinkled.